Custom handmade dolls

Giving a unique present to someone you like is very grateful and pleasant. This person will know for sure how much you like them, and how well you know them.

A doll is a real character in itself, thanks to her clothing and facial expressions. It's a great medium to express feelings, and emotion, towards the person who will receive your gift. 

However, you can just create a doll for yourself if you would like :)

The doll can be a complete new character, but it can also be a stylized portrait, or looks like someone who actually exist.

How does it work ?

Creating a doll is teamwork ! I will be your hands in this process. You can imagine whatever you would like to create as a character, and I will make the doll for you !  We will follow these steps :

  1. First contact (via email address or social networking)
  2. Finding out what you would like to create
  3. Sending some coloured sketches, as a result of the discussion
  4. And, if everything's ok, doll making !
If you would like to send me references and ideas, you can send them attached to your email at

Technical details

  • Materials available : fabric, felt, wool, acrylic paint and watercolor pencils (Warning ! Do not wash the doll at all, neither by hand or in the washing machine. The painted face would fade off)
  • Doll size : between 10 and 40 cm (to define)
  • Time for making + shipping : 15 days, only available in the UK
  • Rate : To define (Around £ 50, depending on the size and materials), including shipping costs
The price will be adjusted depending on the size and materials, and depending of what kind of doll it will be. Half of the price must be payed before starting the doll making part (between step 3 and 4 in the process)

Warning ! I can stylize existing characters (as I did for the Illidan doll), or use them as an inspiration, but I can't copy them ! 

And if you like your dolly, you can share and comment on social networks ! :)

Some exemples ...

EddytorJesus version chibi poupée miniature

Mini version of the French Minecraft youtuber Eddytor
Illidan Stormrage Hurlorage chibi
Mini version (chibi) of Warcraft's character Illidan Stormrage