Hello there !

For ten years now, I have been making characters from paper, from clay, from fabric, or from words. These characters are all different, they are from various inspirations. I create them and tell their story. Most of them have no purpose. Why are they here? What's for sure is that together they go on an exciting journey to the heart of those who see them, to reach the child that lies in everyone of us.  

These purposeless characters end up meeting each other, to begin a new adventure.

I see my creations as a modern pantheon, inspired from worldwide folktales, which have revealed the deepths of the soul for centuries, and that have so much to teach us.

I would like all these characters to spread and change the way we see the world. To see them like a sweet comfort in moments of doubt, or as a totem of the fears we have to face at some point in our life. 

I want to be part of people's everyday life, by creating puppets, toys, or figures. It's all about being where my creations can inspire on a daily basis, rather than just having them on display in some art gallery.

What does "Jenna Pan" mean? This name is a mix of two different things : I see it as a feminine version of Peter Pan, the fairytale character that doesn't want to grown up. Moreove, the french way to pronouce this name sounds like "chenapan", a french word used as a sweet way to call children doing silly things. I use this name as a symbol of the themes I like to work on.