Who am I ?

Hello there !

Camille, créatrice de Jenna Pan

My name is Camille, I'm a 25 years old french women, and as you can see I love every kind of characters !

I also like what is linked to childhood : toys, fairytales ... All this is a great inspiration for me as a doll artist. I draw a lot as well, for myself, friends and family. It is now also a part of my doll creation.

My goal as a doll artist is to share my passion for dolls with children and grown-ups, so they can create their own story out of my creations !

What does "Jenna Pan" mean ? This name is a mix of two different things : I see it as a feminine version of Peter Pan, the fairytale character that doesn't want to grown up. Moreover, the french way to pronouce this name sounds like "chenapan", a french word used as a sweet way to call children doing silly things. I have this name as a symbol of the themes I like to work on.